Is My Ex Stringing Me Along? Find Out the Truth

Is My Ex Stringing Me Along?

Just after a breakup, the amount of confusion you are often left feeling can be devastating. You might have so many questions going through your mind that make it difficult to think about anything other than the relationship and what may have gone wrong.

These feelings are made that much harder if you’re left thinking, is my ex stringing me along? If this is the case for you, or if you’re in a similar situation right now – you owe it to yourself to discover the truth and figure out once and for all where you stand with your ex.

Why Are They Stringing You Along?

First, for you to best understand how we are going to deal with the situation – it would be helpful for you to understand why your ex is being unclear with how things are between you. If some days they are leading you on in any way – texting or calling you just so they can speak to you, and the next day they are cold and distant – and talking about how ‘you both need to move on with your lives’, then you need to know that there are actually some simple reasons behind this mysterious (and annoying) behaviour.

Both of these reasons can often make you feel like the situation is your fault. Well firstly, let me assure you that you have done nothing wrong to make your ex behave this way. The problem is not in anything that you have done – it’s simply problems that they have in moving past the relationship.

Reason No. 1 – They Are Indecisive

If your ex has decided that the relationship between you is not what they want, but after the relationship is over they still make you think that there is something between you, then it’s most likely that they are indecisive.

What I mean by this is that they don’t think they make the best decisions, and after the breakup they start regretting their choice when they realise they miss you too much. They want you to be thinking, ‘is my ex stringing me along’ because it keeps their options open – to come back to the relationship if they want to.

Reason No. 2 – They Are Insecure

The other main reason is that your ex is insecure. This reason the slightly more sinister than the other, and often means that even though they are trying to move on from the relationship, they still want to keep you around as a ‘backup plan‘ in case things don’t pan out for them as they had hoped in this new life of theirs. In this case they can always tell you later on that they made a mistake and want the relationship back with you.

Let’s Agree, Right Now That…

You deserve better than this!

Whatever the reason may be for their behaviour, you have to be the bigger person and deal with this situation to really get a clear picture of where you stand with your ex.

So what is the first step you need to take to fix this problem? The very first thing you need to do to finally stop asking, is my ex stringing me along, for good is…

To Limit Contact!

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