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It’s All About The Bike

My husband and I were discussing what we could do to keep us active without being boring. I had been the type of person to walk everywhere until life was too busy to do so. Then when life sped up I took up running. I would run four or five mornings a week and loved the feeling of pounding the pavement. Occasionally I met my current husband who did not run. I found it harder and harder to get myself up at five every morning to run when he was at home. Occasionally I keep up running and the weight crept on.

When the honeymoon period settled down we decided to go to gym together. After less than a year I was bored beyond belief and looking for reasons not to go. I needed to get outside. While I loved the idea of ​​my husband running with me, I knew it would not happen. I went on some small runs with a girl who I met online but struggled to get myself fit enough again. My body was just not up for it after such a big break. I had to admit that I did not have the drive to get myself going again.

I tried yoga, even completing my teaching course. I taught for a year and now only practice for myself. I tried boxing, water running, water aerobics, body combat and personal training. Nothing was enough to keep me interested.

I was chatting to a friend one day saying I was bored with everything and I wanted to get outside. Knowing I could not run anymore she introduced me to her neighbor who had the cycling bug. It did not take me long to also feel the pull to the saddle.

I started looking at bike shops, websites and social media sites and within a few weeks I had found my dream bike and was fitted to ensure that I could ride in comfort. Add on different pedals, your gear including the padded shorts, jerseys and you are on your way. My new obsession is the ride.

There are so many great apps that you can download now. You can monitor everything from your smart phone to activate the distance and speed to increase. The only competition is myself. I now sit in traffic and watch the cyclists going past and wish I was with them. I study online and read magazines looking for my first group ride to join. I have a goal to be ready to ride with a group by Christmas and I honestly can not think about much else. To me it is all about the bike.

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Tips on How to Best Ride Fixed Gear Bikes

If you’re wondering why there are more two-wheeled vehicles on the road than four-wheeled ones, chances are you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t have to scrimp and save for gas money. With so many drivers getting tired of rising gas prices burning a huge hole in their pockets, it was time to find the best and most economical alternative to driving to and from work.

In the old days, people got to their places of destination either by walking or using a horse-drawn carriage. When horses became quite expensive, the bicycle took on the task of transporting people to where they wanted to go. When cars and automobiles appeared on the scene, people thought that they had seen the last of the bicycle but judging from the number of bikes that you see traversing the city lanes and byways these days, it is far from becoming dinosaur-extinct.

Low-maintenance and easily customizable, the fixed gear bike is the most classic style of bike riding. While it certainly doesn’t allow you to coast like multi-speed bikes, it does offer you the chance to exercise your legs and make up for those days when you aren’t able to go to the gym due to your hectic schedules. If you have to go somewhere, it means you get to exercise whether you like it or not. Plus, the traction is something that can only be described as remarkable since you feel the grip your wheels have on that wet road and you are able to handle your front brakes without almost throwing yourself off.

Fixed gear bike riders also represent a subculture that is considered by modernistas as cool. There is no doubt that fixed gear bikes have become akin to skateboards which became cool only because kids wanted to as cool-looking as the characters on TV they’ve seen doing fancy moves and tricks on a table with wheels. Riding a fixed gear bike these days, means you’re cool enough to defy convention and brave enough not to care what people think.

To be able to smoothly navigate a fixie bike, you must be able to find the best gear to suit the terrain you ride on. If you go for hilly routes, you need to select one with gears that are light enough to get you up that hill but also heavy enough to help you pedal down. If you often go on flat roads, you’ll need heavier gears to improve your pedaling power and lighter gears to improve your cadence. Harder gears help you maneuver your way through traffic without too much trouble.

Handling a fixie bike also gets easier with time. In order to prevent your pedals from scraping on the ground every time you have to make a turn, make wider arcs and avoid leaning through corners. To minimize the impact of rough roads and keeping dirt and debris away, hover an inch above the saddle and absorb the impact with your knees.

And lastly, as far as safety is concerned, you need to make sure you install front brakes to your bike so you can stop in the event of an emergency. You also need to make sure your frame uses horizontal dropouts so you can adjust the chain tension properly and to prevent the wheels from flying off in case of serious skids. Make sure you also get clipless pedals to secure your feet on them so that you don’t suffer any serious injuries during fast descents. The most important tip in riding fixie bikes is to keep alert and watch out for any obstacles or accidents waiting to happen since bike riding can slow down your reaction time.

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iRoad Bikes

The Road Bike market is a growing community to this day. By perusing through these sites categories you might become a little overwhelmed with all of the choices that this industry has to offer, but please choices are what drives imagination and imagination development opportunity.

Road bikes are the best way to get outside and experience your local surroundings. These machines are specifically meant for the pavement, which brings a whole new level of experience to the table. Responsive at first, road bikes are very fast, tight to movement and specifically are meant for the road, as opposed to off-road terrain. Road Bicycles are different from other bikes because they come with drop handlebars and several gears to follow, even though the industry offers Road Bikes in single and fixed gear varieties.

Road bikes have become a growing passion in many urban cities and because of this the industry has been implementing new technology and ideas that make this sport what it is today. Through the passion of Lance Armstrong, we have seen the desire to become a competitive cyclist rise. The ability to grab a bike and travel across all of nature’s surroundings is what brings more more traffic to this sport. Road bikes have migrated from common competition use to a daily commuter tool for some peoples living.

In today’s society we see fitness is a growing passion. Health issues are common concerns, day in and day out of everyone’s lives as we all grow older and in some cases weaker. But having the ability to shape ones physique and train ones bones to overcome life’s surprises is what anyone wants to achieve. Look through this site and gain and understanding on how Road Bikes can achieve this goal.

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Living by Our Heartfelt Intentions

“I met a real looker. He picked me up at the two dollar slot machines, so you know he’s no cheapskate.”

Grandma Mazur

Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovick

One of my husband’s and my most favorite call-in radio shows is Car Talk with The Tappet Brothers. The weekly show hosts two brothers who are wizards at automobile maintenance and repair. Each week they attempt to identify the malfunctions of the callers car and give advice on how to fix it.

The best part, for me, is how the brothers pepper their callers, and themselves, with jokes and humor as they give advice on how to fix the car. And if stumped, and not sure of the fix, they use their most famous line, “unencumbered by the thought process,” as they attempt to give an answer anyway.

On this particular day, as we listened to the show, the caller, a woman, wanted the brother’s advice on her husband’s hair brained scheme on how to fix her car. And, of course, as is their style, the humor and joking began — as one brother said, “Oh, you married a cheapskate, huh?!” They all laughed heartily as they agreed with the caller about her husbands repair idea — And, yes, on the cheap!

I, too, laughed at his witty comment — their humor and playfulness with their guests, along with their ‘say it like it is’ frankness, is endlessly entertaining.

“But wait a minute,” I said out loud. “Don’t be giving cheapskates such a bad rap!”

In fact, there are dozens of good solid reasons to be a cheapskate. Many people’s money lives would drastically improve if they, too, would just adopt the approach!

Yet, Cheapskate is a term that most of us find distasteful, and brings visions of a stingy, mean, and dishonest person. A tightwad to the extreme who pinches pennies until they squeak! Someone who holds their money so tightly that only death releases their grip.

Not a pretty vision and certainly not one that I would embrace nor suggest. It is definitely the opposite of an abundant, thriving way of life.

So, let’s look at what it really means to be a cheapskate and reveal its hidden benefits.

To help motivate you to continue reading (and help shift your belief around being a cheapskate)… Here’s the major benefit — RELIEF!

So, here we go…

A good cheapskate would…

• Cut costs

• Decrease expenses

• Live on less

• Spend less

• Embrace frugality

• Do stuff cheaper

• Ask for discounts

• Find the best deals

• Stop wasting money

• Pass by the sales tables

• Stop unnecessary shopping

• Buy only what they need

In other words, what I call PURPOSEFUL SPENDING.

Now, before you squawk or complain, no one is suggesting you give up all your possessions, move into a 200sf tiny house and ride a bike to work. Although, for many, this would be an ideal answer.

Instead, let’s look at what “Purposeful Spending” really means?

It means, you get crystal clear on what you want and need in life and every time you spend, it is in full alignment with what you said you wanted and needed.

You live and spend by your clear, heartfelt intentions.

You cut away the fat, the excess, and the wasted spending and apply your money to only those things you really want — only that which supports the way of life you envisioned.

No deal or discount is worth it unless it agrees with the heartfelt intentions you set. Step away from that sale table if the thing you truly want is not on it!

That flashy car — is it on your heartfelt intention list? If not, let it speed by and land in someone else’s driveway!

A big trip to Figi — was that on your heartfelt list? If so, then enjoy.

You get where I’m going with this, don’t you? It’s all about what you said you wanted and needed.

Nothing else takes its place. Otherwise, you’ll find you are never satisfied and the wasteful spending continues as you try to fill that emptiness.

Did you notice — Every single thing on the list above means MORE MONEY in YOUR POCKET?! Not someone else’s. Plus, you are all that much closer to your own clear, heartfelt intentions.

That’s what purposeful spending is all about… that’s what being a true cheapskate means –> living and choosing on purpose NOT living by habitual, reactive impulses.

If someone calls you a cheapskate — wear that badge proudly! There’s nothing unseemly about being one!

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Bicycle Tips & Maintenance : How to Buy a Hybrid Bike

Emergency Bicycle Repair

Many years ago, I was drawn miles away from home when my racing tire blew. I did not have the tools or patches to fix the tube and I had to walk for almost 2 miles before a very nice motorist stopped andave me a lift the rest of the way home. I had already experienced a few blown tires in my youth, but none so far away from home. I was determined that I would never be unprepared again.

Most people make mistakes when they head out on long trips with their bicycles, not accounting for emergency bicycle repair. Riders often leave home without some essentials, such as a good patch kit, tools and a good lubricant. Armed with these simple tools, a disaster on the road can be averted and you can avoid being stranded.

The first item in your emergency bicycle repair kit is a good patching system for a flat tire. Most flat tires are not dramatic blowouts, but are slow leaks that occur on the road. Make sure you always head out on your bicycle equipped with a patching kit. This should include rubber patches, rubber cement glue, a scraper to remove any excess debris from the small tear, and a tire pump to pump air back into the tire. A good patch kit could make the difference between riding home for a replacement tire and walking back with your bike on your back.

Also good to have with you for long trips are a ratchet and a wrench. Gears can become difficult, and a loose axle can come apart mid-trip when you least expect it. When these parts come loose, it becomes almost impossible to continue riding your bike, and walking while carrying the useless frame becomes inevitable. Better yet, make sure these parts are in good working order before you make your trip, and carry a repair kit with you in the event that there’s a problem while you’re on the road.

Finally, indispensable for any quick repair on the road is a good lubricant. A small spray can of oil can be a life saver. Specifically, silicone spray is the best for both lubricating parts and preserving them. A generous application around the gear shifters, the crankshaft, and the gear chain is always a smart finishing touch after you’ve made other repairs. An application of a good lubricant can even keep a less than ideal repair together until you get somewhere you can do a full repair.

That should do it for an emergency bicycle repair. Make sure you have a rubber patch kit, a pump, a ratchet, a wrench, and a good lubricant for any quick bike repair. Now get out there a experience the road on two wheels.

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Cheap Road Bikes For Your Daily Needs

With the biking fad becoming more popular, cheap road bikes are becoming in demand. More often than not, bikers that are still amateurs opt for this kind of bicycles instead of investing on a high-end bike. But when we say road bikes, what does it really mean? How is it different form other bicycles such as mountain or street bikes?

A road bike is similar to a racing bicycle. The difference? Road bicycles are made for endurance and not much for speed. Most of the time, these bicycles have more gear combinations and less hi-tech racing features. These bikes have drop handle bars and narrow, high-pressure tires. It is specifically designed for paved roads compared to mountain bicycles that are built for off-road use.

Nonetheless, bikes have different types as well. Because of this, most bicycle lovers have their bicycles custom made for their biking needs. This will of course be more expensive. However, you need not spend that much for a bike. You can always opt for cheap bikes.

Cheap road bikes could either be used or brand new. But if you are really on a tight budget, opting for a used cheap bicycle is not bad after all. Even though it is already used, these kinds of bicycles could still endure years of use. It just depends on the quality of the equipment that you will choose. You should really check if it is still on a good condition and if it has quality materials.

Therefore, if you have an allowance in your budget, buy cheap road bikes that are brand new. You just need to find the right retailer and inquire for their cheap bikes. Retailers would of course offer you their most expensive bicycles, but if you ask for it, I am pretty sure, they would be more than happy to show you their cheap bikes.

See, having your very own bicycle is not that hard. You just have to have perseverance. Also, setting a budget would also help you in searching for this bike that would fit your needs. Remember, cheap road bikes can be brand new or used; it is just up to you and your budget to choose what you prefer.

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