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Cosmos Vs Globus

Visiting Europe is more affordable than you might think. The Globus family of brands has two options to choose from. Cosmos offers a great vacation value for those on a budget, while Globus offers premium escorted travel.

In order to understand the difference more clearly, I am going to use an example I came across earlier this week where a client was planning a trip to Spain, but was undecided between the Cosmos “Grand tour of Spain,” and the Globus “Spanish Fiesta.” Specifically, the client wanted to know why she should pay $500 more for the Globus trip, when the Cosmos goes to the same places and is one day longer?

This is one of the best questions you can ask your travel agent! The tourist industry is a very competitive field and if one company is offering the same itinerary at a decidedly different price, there’s got to be a reason. As we sat and discussed the two itineraries, here is what the client learned.

She would land in Madrid on either tour; both would have meet and greet, (if airfare had been purchased through the tour operator), and each would have a hotel room reserved in her name. Now where the difference begin, is that the Globus tour director would host a welcome dinner that evening and she would meet the other travelers. The Cosmos tour director would only be in the hotel lobby to say hello. Dinner will be on her own, and perhaps she would meet up with other travelers and join them.

After a buffet breakfast (included each morning in either tour) the Globus group will have in depth sightseeing in Madrid, seeing all the major sights, with entrance to the world famous Prado Museum included and paid for. The afternoon will offer free time. The Cosmos group leaves Madrid, and is driven to Valencia (via Aranjuez and Cuenca), a distance of about 222 miles, with a stop at the Royal Palace along the way. The driving time is about 4 hours, but there will be photo stops as well as a stop for lunch, although not included. The Cosmos tour would then stay in Valencia two nights, which no included sightseeing.

On day two, the Globus tour will head north to Vitoria, stopping at Segovia and Burgos…with photo, rest and lunch stops, of course. Lunch is not included with the Globus on this day either. The distance is about 175 miles, or about 3 hours.

I won’t continue the day-by-day comparison, as the article would be quite lengthy, but be assured that these differences continue throughout. Example: Globus has in-depth sightseeing in Granada, Cosmos offers it as an optional. The Globus tour takes you to Gibraltar, with entrance fee included; Cosmos does not go to Gibraltar. Globus stops for guided, fee paid sightseeing in Toledo; Cosmos does not stop at Toledo. The Cosmos visit in Madrid is at the end of your tour, no inside visits are included.

There are also more subtle differences that a Globus tour includes over Cosmos, such as extra nights in major cities to allow for more free time, a few extra meals throughout the trip, perhaps with wine included or entertainment. With Globus you often each at local restaurants, where we Cosmos you frequent the hotel’s restaurant.

To sum it all up, if your goal is to travel comfortably, with clean hotels, some meals, a tour guide as your shepherd and information source and at a price you can afford, go “budget,” which is with Cosmos tours. Just remember, there will be many “optional” tours and meals, so do the math. If you want to see as much as possible, gain access to outstanding museums and sights, stay in centrally located hotels and avoid many of the optionals, so more is included in your up-front price, you will find that Globus tours is the better way to go.

Keep in mind they are both owned by the same company, who have offered escorted tours for over 80 years, so you will not be disappointed either way, as long as you are clear on what’s included in the price.

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Missing those open space 😎 #riding #beautifu…

Missing those open space 😎
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Santa Cruz Shopping – CG VLOG #293 http://ift….

Santa Cruz Shopping – CG VLOG #293



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Men Who Are Too Forward – 6 Ways to Stop a Man…

6 ways to stop a man who wants to be physically intimate with you too soon! “He is too forward,” Christine’s mouth twisted in disgust. “Just image, I just met him and he wants to touch me up. What does he think I am a tramp?” Her indignation was beginning to grow into mixture of anger and embarrassment. Another girl told me how utterly despicable this guy was because all he seemed to want to do is have sex and they had just only met. She crossed him off immediately. Should you reject a man because he makes sexual advances on you before getting to know you properly? Well this is what Christine (and most women) did. Do you agree? Well on the surface of things she is probably right.

However let’s drill down some more. After much studied thought I am slowly coming to the conclusion that a lot of women are missing out on having a great relationship and a good man because of something that can be fixed. First let me say that most men in one way shape or form entertain a remote idea of ​​what it would be like to have sex with you. Most men – thank goodness – manage this thought and feelings. They do not let you know that, because they realize that you may be offended like my client. By the way if you are attracted to the man you will think likewise but you will not show this because you do not want to appear like a common prostitute. FACT: most men are psychosexually programmed for sex. This has nothing to do with him being nasty, earthy etc. It is simply when his seminal vesicles (the part of his testicles that store sperms) are full; he gets a strong biological urge to have sex. This may be when he goes on the “prowl”. It is similar to the urges you get around your menstrual cycle.

That said most men make an intelligent effort to control it. Another reason when some men try to push your hot buttons is to test you. He wants to find out how easy it is to score on you. Of course if you give in he will have a great time but you ratings in his eyes will drop significantly. Of course if you give in he will have a great time but you ratings in his eyes will drop significantly. What can you do? How to you handle this?

1. First you must be clear about your boundaries and principles.

a. When do you feel safe to begin physical contact. No I do not mean sex. Holding hands, kisses, neckting petting
b. Determine if you want a good night kiss and what kind of kiss you will allow eg peck on cheek, light mouth peck etc

2. Also be clear about how many dates or how well you want to know a guy before having sex eg 2,3,4 months or dates. My strong suggestion is never to have sex on the first few dates.

3. If a man begins to touch you in uncomfortable places, do not get angry, simply take his hand and gently but firmly move it back on his leg, calmly explain that you do not feel comfortable doing that at this point.

4. Tell a story of one of your friends who cave in to a guy recently, fall pregnant and the guy did not want to know. Explain how cheap and worthless she feels now. Emphasize that it’s never a great idea for a woman anyway since may be just a test.

5. Be sure to be light hearted about it all. Indicating through you attitude that it good to have fun and even do things together with him but you are not about to go down that (necking, petting and sex) road at this point.

6. If it continues to get up and immediately terminate the date or meeting. Here the attitude you should adopt when men try to hit on you. “Sex is great but I do not feel comfortable doing it without I am in a secured relationship.”

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9 Major Hemorrhoid Causes

What is the main cause of hemorrhoids? We can blame our modern life style as the main cause. Today we know that lack of foods high in fiber, insufficient water intake and lack of movement are the main causes. One other likely cause is genetics, it is quite possible to inherit a predisposition to develop hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids causes can be divided in 9 major groups:

1. Improper diet – Shortage of high fiber food in our every day diet and insufficient water intake, too much coffee, sodas and alcohol causes dehydration.

2. Wrong bowel movement habits – Delaying and training during bowel movement and reading during bowel movement.

3. Everyday activities – Too much sitting or standing, causing pressure on veins in the rectum area, driving to work instead taking a public transport, bike or walking lack of exercise.

4. Lack of personal hygiene – Not washing up after the bowel movements, excessive wiping, using paper instead of washing up or using moist wipes with Witch Hazel.

5. Pregnancy – Changes caused by hormones along with amplified pressure of fetus on the veins in anal canal.

6. Obesity – Excess weight causes pressure on veins in anal canal.

7. Health conditions – Anal infection, liver or heart disease, or even tumors in the pelvic area.

8. Excessive rubbing and cleaning around anus- Do not use toilet paper, wash up after bow moves or use moist towels.

9. Aging – Not your fault, just make sure to eat plenty of foods high in fiber, fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water.

Anything of the above can be the cause of hemorrhoids, usually it is several of these causes combined that are the problem.

Examine what you might be doing wrong:

-Analyze your diet.
-Do you exercise enough?
-Do you drink enough water?
-Do you have a job that requires lots of sitting or standing in place?

It is not simple admitting to yourself that you are doing something wrong. I know that some of these causes are hard for you to hear and I know that most of us have jobs were you can not set out time for a good meal.

In addition, drinking lots of water will cause more frequent urination, and not all of us have access to decent bathrooms while working or commuting.

It takes little effort to remove hemorrhoid causes in our modern everyday lives, even if we think that some factors are out of our control, when actually they are not.

With small effort you can eliminate most causes and absolutely avoid pricey and agonizing operation. All this can be done with just a small effort.

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Yamaguchi Hurricane 150 Sports Bike

The Yamaguchi Hurricane 150 led me to ask myself, “What makes riding a two-wheeled roaring machine better than riding a luxury car?” Thinking about it, it all goes back to the feeling of excitement and the satisfaction you can get. The feeling of adrenaline rushing through your veins, the cold sweat dropping from your head and the blowing winds flowing through your face is more valuable and cannot be traded with the comfort of a luxury car. The Yamaguchi Hurricane 150 sports bike delivers the speed and power you need to reach this level of satisfaction.

The Yamaguchi Hurricane 150 is packed with a 150cc engine which makes it fast and powerful; the body is not as wide like the ones in a 600cc sports bike so you can easily pass through traffic like those smaller bikes. Flexible customization is one of its great features. When you buy your bike it comes with the usual standard parts but you can customize almost everything to meet your desired features. If you’re an enthusiast for high speeds and curves then customizing your tires is a must. For more power and thunder roaring sound, customize your mufflers, exhaust and tail pipe.

It will make you feel like a roaring lion dominating the high ways. What makes a motorcycle different from a car is its two wheels, so never neglect to customize your wheels, mags and rims. One just can’t resist the fascination of the beautifully customized wheels, so this is a must. It can’t be helped, one of the first things people notice in your bike is its wheels so make sure to make it look awesome. Customize the lighting to add life to the sports bike. This is not like any ordinary machine; it has a connection to its rider’s life so make your sports bike a living machine.

The Yamaguchi Hurricane 150 resembles the appearance of the Honda CBR 150 big bike. In most angles their appearance almost looks the same but the Yamaguchi Hurricane 150 is more slender as compared to the Honda CBR 150. Most people say it’s the exact replica of the Honda CBR 150. What’s even better and surprising is that it is more than half the price which makes it an excellent deal. Why pay for the brand when you can get the same benefits, speed and power and pay less?

It has three colors available, the monster green, electric orange and flaming red. Whichever color you choose, the big bike still looks good. The Yamaguchi Hurricane 150 sports bike is a racing quality motorcycle. Its 150cc engine is fast enough to make you feel like you’re traveling with hurricane speeds which might be the reason why Yamaguchi named this big bike Hurricane. Another good thing about Yamaguchi is that every year their sports bike just keeps getting better, more features and great improvements.

If you are a sports bike enthusiast living in Cebu City, what more can you ask? The Yamaguchi Hurricane 150 is packed with awesome jaw-dropping features with fair price value. It is a racing quality big bike, a definitely excellent machine that roars on the streets but you’ll never feel this level of satisfaction unless you take the chance to hop in and drive. As the old saying goes, “To see is to believe.”

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Fuel 👊✊ #saturday #fuel #in #healthy #yep htt…

Fuel 👊✊ #saturday #fuel #in #healthy #yep