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Looking For Scott Mountain Bikes?

Mountain Biking is of course one of the greatest delights and thrills of our times. This is a sport for people of different age groups. You just have to know how to ride a bike. There is obviously some risk relating to injuries and so a mountain bike should not be bought without a helmet. The ‘brain bucket’ is essential as they say. Te following skills if learnt well will take your mountain cycling career beyond the nervous starting points. Start with your own backyard or a park. Of course if you collapse on grass it is easier to handle than a fall on the pavement.

SCOTT introduced itself to the motocross goggle market with the first ever motocross specific goggle and later started selling motocross boots, grips and accessories by 1970. In 1986, SCOTT started the planet’s most stylish ski pole factory and soon went on to become the global leader in ski pole production. That very year SCOTT bought out its first mountain bike. In 1989, SCOTT took the history of bicycling for a toss with a very important introduction, that of the – the aerodynamic handlebar. The handlebar was tactfully made useful by American Greg Lemond in his 1989 Tour de France victory.

In 1991, SCOTT ventured into the manufacture of mountain bike suspension in association with Unishock. American Ruthie Mathes claimed victory in the MTB World Championship with Unishocks that same year taking its fame to new heights. In 1992, SCOTT carried its first full-suspension mountain bikes and later started a line of cycling shoes and helmets. SCOTT mountain bikes were there to stay.

In 1995, SCOTT mountain bikes introduce its first carbon mountain bike. It is what is called in biking lingo, a hardtail along with the various high points of a fully suspended frame. Due to several successes at the World Cup and at the Olympic Games, as well as great reporting in the media, the bike and the name, Endorphin, soon were household names. SCOTT mountain bikes introduced the lightest full-suspension mountain bike internationally. The name “G-Zero” became a legend in the conception and evaluation of the bike industry in 1998. In 2000, SCOTT booked mountain bike legend Thomas Frischknecht. That very year, SCOTT took to professional sponsorship of road racing.

By 2005 Scott started the Ransom, the bike that takes mountain biking to unattainable heights. The anticipations of biking are minimized by this bike. The Ransom has a sensible cumulative weight and boasts of a clever, competent suspension style. This bike defines the backcountry bike experience, with a frame that weighs under 7 lbs along with the rear shock (3080 grams with the shock) and allowing around 165 mm (6.5 inches) of riding.

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Carbon Tubular Wheelset – Make the Right Pick

If you are planning to buy wheelsets for your bike, you will find that there are several types available. The type of wheelset you choose will depend on what your needs are – if it is for daily riding or competitive riding. The carbon tubular wheelset will offer you a wonderful riding experience, and there are several reasons why this is so.

Wheelset characteristics

The carbon tubular wheelset offers you stability and superior aero performance. The wheels are light, with a rounder tire profile and a wide rim. This ensures that when you ride through side winds, the air flows smoothly so you can easily maintain your speed without experiencing too much drag.

The brakes work very well as they are fitted with carbon pads. The hubs are made from an alloy body, and have standard bearings that are sealed. The carbon tubular wheelset is built by hand, using aero spokes that are triple butted, with 16 spokes located at the front and 24 spokes at the back.

The carbon tubular wheels’ tire and wheel combination is the lightest in the market. The wheels are able to sustain high pressure, and this reduces the chances of rolling when you are riding. The carbon tubular rims are designed to ensure you do not encounter pitch flatting. You will find that the tubular wheelset provides a superior riding experience than other types of wheels, and you can even ride on flat wheels for a short distance if necessary.


If you experience a flat when you are out riding, changing the flat tire is easy, particularly if you have done it before. It is therefore important to ensure you know how to change a tire if you love biking. The wheels are very practical as they can be sealed, and work very well with sealant systems.

Tips when buying wheels

When buying wheels, you should first consider where you are going to ride – whether on the road or on the dirt. You may then consider the ride quality you will get from the wheels. A heavier, stiffer wheel is suitable for downhill riding, while lighter wheels are more suited for cross-country riding. You should there before pick wheels that are suited for the kind of riding you will be undertaking.

It is also a good idea to check how easy it will be for you to pedal the bike with your selected wheelset. If you have more weight on the outside of the wheels, that is, on the rims, tubes, and tires, then you will have to use more effort to turn your wheels.

The wheels you select should also be reliable; they should support your weight well. The wheels should also keep rolling in whatever terrain you are riding. The carbon tubular rims should be round enough to ensure your brakes work safely.

The wheels should be flexible enough so they can easily be upgraded if you need to change their functionality. The wheels should there before be purpose built, enabling you to use them even as your needs change.

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The Three Best Fixed Gear Bicycles to Buy

Fixed gear bikes are single speed bikes that are generally used for casual and fun riding. You can let your legs go free on the pedals when riding down a steep hill and feeling the breeze in your face. It is minimalist in design and does not include many tiers of gears like the mountain bike. Many people like fixed gear bikes because it is cheap and works for meeting their daily commuting needs. It is the perfect bike to get if you are worried about your bike getting stolen when you park it outside. The following are the three best fixed gear bikes in 2017.

1. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is an inexpensive single speed bike with a neon color scheme design. The neon color scheme is fun and fashionable in design. When people see your bike, they will surely give you a lot of compliments.

It is a cheap bike but the parts are of high quality. The hybrid tires allow your bike to travel at a rather fast speed. The bike is well-built and has some weight due to the steel frame. Even though it is heavy, it offers a fast and smooth ride.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is a great road bike for beginners. The bike can be easily assembled in just a few minutes. You only need to have some basic knowledge on allen and socket wrenches to assemble it. To assemble the bike, you must attach the seat, pedals, handle, and wheels in place. The rest of the parts come assembled in the package.

Before riding it on the street, make sure you have already tighten up all the bolts and nuts. The parts are cheap and can be easily found at the local bicycle shops if you need to replace them. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is easy to upgrade with better parts if you want the bike to be more powerful.

The bike is durable and won’t easily get damaged when you ride over pot holes, or bumps or pavement or grassy area. It is suitable for use in daily commuting around the neighborhood. You can use it for commuting to places that are about 6 – 20 miles away. The bike is recommended for those who are looking for an affordable bike that look great and can travel at a fast speed. It is also a great bike for exercising your leg muscles.

2. Pure Fix Glow Single Speed Fixie Bike

Pure Fix Glow Single Speed Fixie Bike is a sleek and nice looking bike that offers a smooth ride. Some parts of the bike such as frame and tyre rims are covered with solar activated paints. These parts will glow on its own at night if your bike is exposed to more than 1 hour of sunlight.

There are several types of neon colors to choose from including yellow, dark green, hyper green, and white. The neon tyres will reflects off any light that is shined on it making your bike easy to spot on at night. The neon color of the bike will get you a lot of attentions from the people around and you are definitely going to receive many compliments.

The bike is super light and you can easily carry it to the bicycle rack on the public bus. The single speed gear is suitable for climbing a moderate hill. The steel frame is available in sizes from 43 cm – 64 cm. The frame is covered with a lifetime warranty while the components are covered with a one year warranty. You must assemble the bike correctly if you want to claim the warranty.

The fixed gear bike is easy to assemble in less than 30 minutes using standard tools such as allen wrench. You can watch the PureFix bicycle assembly video on YouTube or take it to a local bike shop to assemble it. Although it is an inexpensive bike, the parts are high in quality. The tires are durable and won’t easily deflate when you travel for long miles.

Pure Fix Glow Single Speed Fixie Bike is suitable to be used as a main transportation mode for far distances in the city or for commuting to the nearby shops. You can also use it to ride to a nearby college campus. The bike will fit you no matter if you are a short person that is just 4′ 7″ feet tall or a tall person with a height taller than 6 feet.

3. Dublin Single Speed Bike

Dublin Single Speed Bike is a geometric style single speed bike with bullhorn handle bars. The bullhorn handle bars offer maximum comforts and give you a good grip when you are riding the bike fast. The handles arrived with the wrapping already fixed into it.

It has both the front and rear caliper brakes so you don’t have to use the pedal to break. There is a chain guard that protects the bicycle chain. The bike frame is made from 700C 4130 Chromoly and it is available in three sizes including 52 cm, 56 cm and 60 cm.

As a fixed gear bike, it comes with most of the parts assembled. Toe clips and easy to understand instruction manual are included for assembling the remaining parts of the bike. It will take you about 25 minutes to assemble the bike.

The bike can hold quite a number of weights without causing any damage to the tire. You can ride it as a single speed or fixed gear bike. It is a tough bike that can withstand various types of external impacts. Hence, the bike is suitable for use in riding during harsh weathers like rain and snow.

Dublin Single Speed Bike gives you a solid feel and you can ride it for a long distance without any problem. The bike is fast and does not make a lot of noises when you are riding it. It works great for people who need a bicycle as an everyday transportation.

You will find that it meets your need if you are looking for a bicycle that you can maneuver fast around the city. You can use the bike to commute for hundreds of miles without any problem. The bike is suitable for riders who have a height of 5′ 7″ to slightly taller than 6′.


In conclusion, above is a list of the best fixed gear bikes for anyone who is looking to buy a bicycle on a budget. It is just as efficient as the highend bike and you will find that it is well worth every penny of your money. There is no need to spend a lot of money to buy the sophisticated mountain bike as those bikes are for racing not for commuting purposes. Fixed gear bicycles are lighter compared to all terrain bikes and this allows you to maneuver the bike easily on the street as you travel to your destination.

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The History of Cervelo Bikes

In the history of cycling companies, Cervélo bikes are a relatively new and pioneering company. Having only been set up in 1995, the company has seen substantial growth and success making it one of the leading bike manufacturers around today!

The Cervélo Cycles brand was born when two cycling fanatics decided to take their hard work developing the best time trial bikes to the open market. Phil White and Gérard Vroomen set up the company after a top Italian cyclist approached them to help design the fastest possible time trial bike. The cyclist felt his sponsor could only develop traditional bikes developed through the combination of off the shelf tubesets and he had decided that he wanted more. He approached Gérard with the hope of a brand new innovative, aerodynamic design which was specifically for time trials.

Their work began analysing the current bikes available and the most important features which should be included in the new design. This resulted in a completely unique bike built specifically for that rider and pushed almost every boundary of any other time trial bike. Obviously, in the bike world, this became a phenomenon and everywhere it was seen, people asked where they could get their own.

In 1996 Cervélo launched with two road bikes and two trial/triathlon bikes. The technology was so radical that pro cyclists were at first reluctant to try them. They had got used to the bike they currently owned and did not want to start compromising wins to test the new bike. However, in 2000 new rules were bought in regarding equipment by the International Cycling Union which made many of the bikes cyclist currently used, illegal. This was a hue turning point for the company who had planned for these changes and previously released a new model line which adhered to the rules.

Since then Cervélo have achieved numerous successes. The company became the youngest and smallest company to provide bikes to a professional team in 2003 when they became the official bike supplier for team CSC. Team CSC then were crowned the number 1 pro cycling team for the next three consecutive years. In 2008 this relationship ended and 2009 saw Cevélo launch their own pro cycling team which was led by Carlos Sastre, winner of the Tour de France 2008.

More recently Cervélo has gone from strength to strength and at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, over 40 riders competed on Cervélo bikes resulting in 10 Olympic Medals. Their newest 2010 bike range consists of four categories of bikes. Two road bike ranges named the R range and S range, the P range of Triathlon and time trial bikes and the T range of track bikes and Cevélo bike frames.

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Some Tips On Maintaining Bike Tyres

The thrill of biking is a unique one and for many of us represented our first whiff of gay abandon, as we pedalled away furiously in out new found toy. The effort and the number of falls trying to master the balancing act while on the bike was soon forgotten as we thrilled to the experience of being able to use the bike whenever we wanted and to be able to go wherever we wanted. Surely bike tyres and their care would have been the last thing on our minds then.

As we went along, we realised the importance of taking care of these wheels and how any problem can literally render us immobile. By then we had also picked up various tips and instinctively knew how to best take care of the tyres by avoiding sharp stones, badly maintained roads and so on. But it was only a matter of time before natural wear and tear took their course and the effects began to show on the tyres and they cried for replacement.

So what can you do to ensure that the bike tyres last long and give you many years of trouble free service?

Firstly, check them regularly for any signs of a problem so that it can be taken care of immediately. This examination should not be a cursory one but a detailed one where you roll the tyres and subject them to a close scrutiny. This is very crucial as anything left unattended could balloon into something that is not only harmful to the bike but could also pose a danger to the rider. Small knicks can be ignored for some time but when you reach a stage such that you are able to notice the tyre cords, you should know that it is time to replace them.

At times, you may find that you need to replace only one of the tyres. That is because of the uneven pressure that tyre has been subjected to. A puncture is another reason why you would have to replace a tyre. At times, a sharp object or a nail can cause severe damage to the tyre and render it totally useless, necessitating a replacement.

If you find that the bike tyres are constantly losing air, then you need to isolate the hole in the tyre and plug it immediately. If the damage is restricted to the inner tube, you can have it replaced and continue with the same tyre. This can be done by checking the insides of the tyre and it is better to get that done by a professional wheel repairer.

A good starting point when it comes to bike tyres is selecting the right kind depending on how you wish to use your bike. Hilly terrain will demand knobby tyres while skinny ones are best suited for good roads. Maintaining the right air pressure at all times is another important tip to ensure that they always deliver optimum performance.

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Advanced Email Marketing Tactics You Must Know

If you have a sign up box on your website that invites people to sign up for your email newsletter, congratulations – you’re a step ahead of many other businesses who are not doing any email marketing at all.

But email marketing is so much more than that.

First of all, you need to make a compelling offer to get people to give you their email addresses. With the flood of SPAM and the overall increase in email volumes, it’s more important than ever to make sure you set yourself apart from the crowd. Why should someone sign up for your newsletter unless there is some value in it for them?

One of the strategies to increase your email sign-ups is to offer an ebook. Now before you worry about writing “War and Peace” consider that an eBook can be 5 pages. This is assuming you know your audience and are giving them something of value that they want.

For example, a local bike shop we designed a website for wanted to increase their profitable triathlon business using email marketing. To target that segment of their business, we created a 30-page “Triathlon Guide to the State of New Jersey” (where they are based) that was culled from several online sources. Using all public domain information and listings, the guide included a simple list of all the triathlon races across the state, along with the type of course, the month it was held and information about where to register.

We turned the document into a PDF file and uploaded it to the website along with a graphic we designed that looked like a little magazine cover with the title on it. We invited anyone who wanted the free triathlon guide to provide their name and address and the eBook would be sent automatically using an autoresponder.

The bike shop is now sending out targeted email newsletters featuring discounts on triathlon gear, reviews, nutrition, training tips, etc., to an audience that volunteered to be marketed to. How much more effective is that taking out a passive newspaper or Yellow Page ad?

Speaking of print ads, the bike shop is taking the idea a step further and actually advertising the free triathlon book in all their print advertising with the deliberate strategy of getting people to sign up for the newsletter and voluntarily enter their marketing funnel!

Remember: email marketing, when done properly, allows you to own your own marketing rather than renting an audience from someone else.

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My New Knee And The Physiotherapy

The physiotherapist had an integral part in the process that lead to my knee replacement and in the recovery process. So I feel it is important to detail his part in the whole scenario that was my knee replacement.

Before the operation:

In July 2007, mild pain and sorrowness began to occur often on the inside of my right knee. An x-ray found that the deterioration found years earlier had increased particularly on the inside front section of my knee near my knee cap. My GP advised me to go to my physiotherapist to get exercises to strengthen the knee. The physiotherapist wave me a series of exercises to strengthen the muscles on the inside of the knee to protect the damaged part of my knee. These exercises were to be done on both knees. I did these exercises usually on the bed each evening. At first, I found them difficult mainly because I lacked the strength in the muscles I was aiming to improve. I soon found them easy and comfortable to do taking less than 15 minutes to complete the routine.

The problem with my knee became serious in September 2012. I developed significant swapping of the knee and upper calf. There was often an ache around the knee and down the leg. The swelling would reduce after significant rest but would flare again after sustained exercise with an accompanying ache around the knee and calf. A new x-ray was ordered. It showed very significant deterioration to the knee that indicated I should see a specialist about a knee replacement and return to my physiotherapist for exercises to strengthen my knee still further.

The physiotherapist wave me a series of exercises to strengthen the knee muscles further and advised that I should ride a bike 20 to 30 minutes a day on an easy course as this would increase the strength of the muscles around my knees rapidly, causing little or no further damage to my knee. I saw him again a week later. He noticed quite a significant improvement in my muscle strength around my knee in just that week.

In hospital:

The hospital, which I went to, has prepared a booklet on the whole process surrounding the operation including a list of the exercises to do while in hospital. It included diagrams and a detailed explanation of how to do each exercise.

The operation entailed cutting an incision, pushing back the muscles, cutting the bones above and below the knee, inserting and gluing the artificial knee to the bones, returning the muscles to their rightful place and stitching up the wound. It was a major operation.

The most important reasons given to me for the exercises was to prevent a blood clot from forming. To me, that was a motivation to get going on the exercises / physiotherapy ASAP.

Other reasons for the exercises were to:

• Control the swelling;

• Fully straighten the knee;

• Bend the knee to at least 90degrees before you went home;

• Gain greater control of the muscles around the knee;

• Teach you

o How to get in and out of bed and a chair;

o How to use a walking aid and crutches;

o How to walk up and down stairs.

As well, the physiotherapist would have organized any equipment you might need at home eg special chair, toilet seat, crutches and so on. He / she also talked about the exercise program at home.

At Home:

I returned to my personal Physiotherapist after returning home. Here I want to discuss the post-hospital work he did with me.

The exercises I used in hospital were replaced by a new set by the physiotherapist. These were to

• Increase flexibility;

• Correct my walking action;

• Increase my knee bend up to 130 degrees, if possible;

• Straighten out my knee;

• Soften the skin around the scar and my calf by massaging in cream to aid this;

• Help reduce the swelling; and

• Improve my balance.

The exercises changed as my recovery continued. Each consultation started with the physiotherapist watching me walk up and down an aisle to check on improvement. He emphasized the “heel and toe” action that was necessary.

The exercises he gave me were to be done daily. I did them in short bursts which mean I neverave myself myself a chance to get bored or to overdo it and cause pain to my knee.

At six weeks, he advised me to start riding a stationary bike. I was to ride it in two ways, first with knee bent and second sitting high enough to stretch my leg out fully. I aimed at 300 revolutions of the pedals each time with a minimum workload. In the weeks that followed this was a daily chore.

At eight weeks, he encouraged me to begin using the road bike. I found I needed to sit high on the bike to prevent any pain in the knee. I kept to a thirty minute limit on the road bike traveling on mostly flat courses.

As I began to walk further and further at a time I noticed my knee cap began to click often. So the physiotherapist began manipulating the area around the kneecap to loosen up the muscles around the kneecap.

In the period directly after the operation, I visited the physiotherapist weekly for the first couple of months. Then the visits became fortnightly and now, at 6 months we are back to a monthly visit for the last two visits. My physiotherapy is now at an end although my exercise period will continue.

The physiotherapy I had before and after the operation made a significant contribution to the ease and speed of my recovery.

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Ten Tips to Sneak Exercise Into Your Day (and …

With the unofficial start of summer at the end of this month, many begin to think about starting to exercise before putting on a bathing suit and hitting the beach or pool. Exercise is of course helpful for weight management and building muscles and can improve physical appearance. What is not as well known are the other physical, mental and emotional benefits of incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

In addition to weight management, other physical benefits of exercise include improvement in our cardiovascular system functions. Aerobic exercise can help prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and stokes. Other forms of exercise can help prevent arthritis, osteoporosis and can help improve balance to prevent falls.

What is equally as impressive are the benefits to mental and emotional health when exercising on a regular basis. Exercise improves not only focus and concentration but also advances mood as well. In fact, studies have shown that 15 minutes of aerobic exercise was equally as effective as an antidepressant for some forms of depression. Walking around the block often shifts perspective and helps reduce stress.

Joh Ratey MD, who studies the benefits of exercise has suggested that if the positive effects of exercise could come in a pill form, it would be the most widely prescribed medication. Since that is not possible, how do you Incorporate exercise into your busy life when you already feel pressed for time?

Ten Tips to Sneak Exercise into your Day

Do not like or feel like you have time to go to the gym? The good news is exercise does not have to involve getting on a treadmill or pumping iron at the gym to be effective. It can be relatively low cost and not a huge time investment. However, before you start, check with your doctor if you have not exercised in awhile or if you are pregnant. Also, make sure you are wearing proper footwear for your activity. Many joint or back injuries are caused by wearing old or worn-out shoes. Here are ten ways to get moving:

  1. Park away from your office, trip to the store or school and walk. These small walks add up through the day. In fact, studies have shown that small bursts of exercise through the day are more effective than one long burst.
  2. Take the steps instead of the elevator. If you are going between floors, walk up the steps. Need a quick break in the afternoon – walk up and down a few times. Exercise will revive you much more than a trip to the coffee machine.
  3. Wear a fitness tracker and measure your steps. There are many inexpensive trackers as well as more sophisticated and pricey devices but even the inexpensive will give you data on steps. Set a goal and stick to it. For the first few days, wear it without changing your activity. Once you create a baseline, add 500 to 1000 steps per day to it each week.
  4. Use apps to get inspired. Studies have shown that like fitness trackers, individuals who utilize apps are more successful at sticking with an exercise program. There are apps like 5K that inspire and lead you from couch to 5K. My Fitness Pal and ActivX are a few other popular fitness apps.
  5. Sign up for a charity walk or run and use it to inspire you to get moving. Whether it is 1mile, a 5 or 10K, it gives you a goal and a deadline to work toward.
  6. Grab a buddy or two. People are far more likely to stick to a routine if they have another person who is going to do it with them and hold them accountable. Making fitness social gives the extra benefit of connecting with others.
  7. Have a family or office challenge. It does not have to be a competition, but it can be a way to cheer each other on and keep everyone involved in a common goal.
  8. Try a new activity like dancing, hiking, swimming or a fun group exercise class you have always been curious about.
  9. Make fitness a weekly family activity. Go on a hike, bike ride or walk around the neighborhood.
  10. Household activities like gardening, cleaning or other projects can be great opportunities to get the blood flowing. Put on upbeat music to keep you moving energetically.

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Pent Shed Essentials – Roof Styles, Materials …

Building a pent shed can be tedious for many people. But if you know the right kind of wood to use, you can build a practical shed for your backyard that your whole family will enjoy.

There are important considerations that one should keep in mind in order to build a high quality shed.


The first factor to consider is the size of your shed. There are wide varieties of sizes to choose from and the purpose of your shed will determine its size. A typical shed has 8 ‘x 6’ dimensions.

If you are building a shed for the whole family, then it is practical to build a shed large enough so it does not become overcrowded with just a few tools and garden toys. Pent sheds can be used to store most of the things that you need when it is a bike, lawn mower or garden tools. If you have one that is the right size, you can also place garden furniture inside and prolong its lifespan.

Roof types

When you think about garden sheds there are two types of sheds that you can choose from. Pent sheds have flat roofs and the apex shed are known for their larger headroom. If you need additional space and want to store large equipment and other garden tools, then it is practical for you to choose an apex garden shed. However, a pent roof shed is the best choice when you want to place it against your neighbor’s fence due to its lower height.


There are many different types of wood that you can use, but some wood can easily twist with moisture, sun and other harsh weather conditions. The best choice is to use tongue and groove or the shiplap cladding material for your shed. It is always better to go for the best quality grade wood. This will save you time and money in the long run, while you enjoy your garden shed for many years.


The price will certainly vary according to the quality and materials chosen to build your shed. If you have selected to go with the most inexpensive materials, then you need to expect that it will probably result in a poor quality garden shed. For sturdy and high quality sheds, you need to opt for the best products in the market.

A pent shed can be relatively simple and inexpensive to build and one of the best places for relaxation outside your home. You can place garden furniture inside and turn it into a place where you and your family can bond together.

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Pocket Bike Parts With Power And Personality F…

Pocket bikes are miniature racing motor cycles which have the details and proportion of a regular world class motor bike but are one-fourth its size. Good maintenance is important for the smooth running of your bike. Therefore, good quality pocket bike parts, which go into good maintenance, are vital for your bike.

These pocket bikes consist of many parts, all of which are offered under different categories and serial numbers. Many of these parts are exchangeable. The most important parts of a pocket bike are tires, wheels, axles, gas tanks, chains, engines, pistons, carburetor, throttle units, brake parts and cylinders. High velocity chrome stack and high performance air filters are also essential to increase the power of your pocket bike

Each of these parts has an important role in the proper functioning of your bike. The quality of these parts, both original and replaced, will decide how long your bike performs at its peak efficiency. It is recommended that you first check out the availability of bike parts before you decide on the model to buy.

The parts you buy need not be from original equipment manufacturers. Such parts, called stock parts in the trade, may not be necessary if there are good generic equivalents available. You will find that these generic parts cost much less and work as well. In fact, with a little modification you may find these parts working even better.

These generic parts are available at many bike parts shops and on the Internet. If you cannot get a part from these sources, search for Internet auction sites, which sell pocket bikes and their parts. You can also ask for mini bike parts at message boards or forums. Another member may direct you to a seller or even have the part with him.

Ingenious use of bike parts

The uses of bike parts are not restricted to maintenance. They can be creatively used to give your bike a personalized custom appearance. These parts can also be used to turn an inexpensive branded or unbranded bike into an attractive, high performance custom bike

You will find many bike parts shop selling lots of accessories like chrome racing pipes, mufflers, decals, decabs, chain holders, tachs and meters besides mini bike parts. These parts and accessories offer you an opportunity to innovate and give your bike a customized look. Some extra features that you can add on to your bike are high powered gas engines, front and rear disc brakes, racing tires, light weight aluminum alloy cast frames and swing arms.

It can also happen that you have shopped unwisely and are left holding a low quality pocket bike. Do not despair, as these parts and accessories can convert that bike into a power racer, which could be the envy of others. All that is needed are the right parts, the right tools and a little ingenuity.

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